"Duktus Loki"

"Duktus Loki"

rub yourself

In 2020 I felt the urge to paint larger pictures. I found the space for it in the old Sch8hof in Wels and a painterly self-destruction began, the outcome of which was uncertain for every picture. I didn't have a theme and so these canvases became a reflection of my struggles. The exhibition in the Moserei now offers the opportunity (also for me) to look at several of the works side by side and to understand them in a new context.

So in this exhibition everything remains stuck in the process. Nothing stays the same and some things continue to be painted. Maybe something new will emerge!
In any case, work is being done there too!

The opening of the temporary friction shop is on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 7 p.m.
with musical live madness from
Metti Baconburger & friends...

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