Painter, Sculptor & Traveller

Masters in Multimedia Arts

Giovi lives and works in

Grünau in the Almtal.

Characterized by the rough landscapes of the Dead Mountains, the Salzkammergut with its lakes and rivers, as well as his travels to maritime realms, he transforms his impressions and experiences into works of art of all kinds. Natural dynamics such as water and wind are fundamental inspirations for the process and flow in Giovi's work.

"There is something that expresses a rebellious rebelliousness."

In recent years, Giovi's paintings have begun to grow, sometimes reaching canvas sizes of 2x5 meters and more.

The impressions he collected on his numerous adventurous journeys were overwhelming and often breathtaking, so that over time these experiences became strong inner images.

At sea you experience things, inhale the impressions. No time for photos and no hands free. The moments burn all the deeper, become an inner image; at some point, then, in the silence of the studio, to break out as a conglomeration of the individual parts.”

Every brushstroke becomes a sensation in this dynamic process of creating inner landscapes. Layer by layer, the adventures return. Like a reflection. Which in turn other people can reflect on.

His large-scale paintings are full of remarkable detail, each an impressive subject. As fine art prints, the works develop their own story and stand for themselves.