Nabaste vol. 02

With seven miles of boots we galloped over the lakes and seas. We experienced adventures that couldn't have been more varied, lost races and won regattas. Braving turbulence, we opened doors to ourselves and learned to love and appreciate our opponents.


WAR (We are Right)

Being right, self-righteousness and their consequences in a time of ever-deepening divisions. In favor of perspective and variety of stories, we wrote against the simple, convenient solution. Using this, currently unfortunately bitter, word game, we reflected on and worked on art, innovation, synergy, power, beauty, benefits, the future and much more.
A story book by everyone for everyone.

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Departure into the inner mountains

... "From the idyll in the valley you go out of your own comfort zone. You become small and yet in the next moment you feel incredibly big. That has to do with a journey into the inside"...

Giovi in ​​an interview with Helmut Wittmann
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Nabaste vol. 01

We see life as something in which things are connected.

Nature, music, art, culture, travel, sport and work flow into one another. This is about a portrait of an attitude to life.



“Sweep at your door and change the world.” The island book on the topic “better - the future selects better” is a story and impulse book. The many points of view illuminate personal paths. Stories about getting better and being lucky.

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