"Na Bast e"

"Na Bast e"

“The path arises as you go”

After just two months, this magazine was created from an idea, a vision. From the beginning, this project has been in us and, as you can see, in many others too; started a fire. We were; and are still overwhelmed by the encouragement, commitment and enthusiasm of each individual. a sign that feeling, emotion and spontaneity are more important than perfection, reason and regulation.

“This magazine has the potential on many levels to create new perspectives, courage and perhaps some confidence. Something that would do us all good right now.” giovi

It has become an ode to freedom and the moment. A conglomerate of visions

and perhaps also a guide for those who want to break new ground in the future.

At this point, a big thank you to everyone who supported us out of a feeling, mentally, with their own hands, and financially.

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