In this work, feeling, emotion and spontaneity are more important than perfection, reason and regulation. The multi-media creative process is permanently linked to the music, which has a significant influence on the creation of the work. The transition between art, life and death agrees the compositional concept of Okabre's music.

The visual nucleus is created within a maximum of 90 minutes of live performance. Classical painting, expressionistic color field painting, projection art, photography and music merge into a total work of art that is expressed in this video.

The performative creation process is the basis for the production of photographic works. The abstract-figurative mode of representation arises from the superimposition of spatial levels, defined by canvas, light image projection and the artist himself, who can also happen to be part of the photographic work and is captured in the photograph. At the end of the live performance there is the finished painting measuring 2x4 meters. Without light and projection, it is almost the bare remnant of a metamorphosis and yet a complete, expressive work of art - A trace of the past. What emerges through photography in the moment is a trace of the past and an experience through which the transformation process is completed and something new emerges. These stages of impermanence can be interpreted as a parallel view of the human pursuit of immortality. On a white canvas, the painter, using self-made tools, creates a monochrome “association surface” which the digital illustrator interprets, deconstructs and expands as a plane of light. In coexistence with the music, the (moving) images transform into a new level of meaning through shared interaction, both analog and digital.

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