The radio program was interrupted: “Attention, attention, an urgent announcement. Today, during the day, time broke out of its prison. Please keep windows and doors closed so that the escaped time cannot get in.

  • There is a danger that their time will then also be recorded and break out too.”

    This news caused panic among most people because they had no idea how to spend their life without time. In fact, the public time burst spread with incredible speed, similar to a nuclear chain reaction. Even keeping the windows and doors locked didn't help. Private times also disappeared shortly.

    Suddenly everything was arbitrary. Every moment was interchangeable and could be repeated countless times. The usual uniqueness of the life we ​​had experienced was over.

  • It was particularly painful to experience that the rhythm had been lost over time. So the tones flew back and forth without any idea of ​​their order. They fell up and down, the notes, not knowing when their time had come.

    Despair was the result, no wonder. The well-known animal species also became perplexed. Even the plants hung their heads.

    But suddenly creatures appeared that looked like never-before-seen animals. Very sublime in her posture and dignified in every curve of her powerful and at the same time elegant creation.

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  • On the face of it, they could have been a cross between ants and a tiger, or between a mole and an elephant. Or they would have been similar to a pumpkin-eating grasshopper that dreamed of being an octopus.

    These magical creatures remained untouched by the absence of imprisoned time. Her every movement had rhythm and her singing played with ease in all registers, every step earthy, even with drum rolls.

  • How was this possible? Their secret remained undiscovered for a long time and of course still remains so today. But slowly it became apparent that these wondrous creatures liked to wear icicles in winter, just like Parisian lace on remarkable dresses.

    The events surrounding the creation of the icicles were probably closely linked to the temporal security of these creatures, which were also in harmony with eruptions and collapses in freedom.

    Friedrich Schwarzinger