s ́ Sophal*

and the jump into cold water

"like immersing yourself in a world that creates itself in the moment"

It is May 16, 2021; End of the 2nd lockdown. The Ice Saint blows sternly over the old slaughterhouse in Wels; there has been a lot of activity for a long time; almost as if today, unexpectedly... out of the sadness of the times, something wonderful would emerge...

*Last and only female Ice Saint

Okabre & Redestruct

An audiovisual collaboration;

Communication on an improvisational level

“We had no opportunity to rehearse and so 2 artists and 6 musicians set off into nowhere, carried by a team of 18 people. Everyone is a professional in their field, otherwise this project would probably have failed, because most of them only met two hours beforehand. It was like jumping into cold water, like diving into a world that arises in the moment and creates itself for an hour. None of us had any control over what would come of it as a whole and yet it worked. This was a very magical experience, especially for those involved. The resulting video can only convey a hint of what this momentum arose on site.”

  • Coexistence & Transformation

    The painter works on a 2x4 m canvas using analog tools that he made himself. The digital artist interprets and deconstructs this monochrome “association surface” and expands it with an animated light layer. In coexistence with the music, which has a significant influence on its creation, the (moving) images transform into a new level of meaning through shared interaction, both analog and digital.

  • Poetry & Expression

    The multi-media artistic creative process is permanently linked to music, which has a significant influence on the creation of the works. This connection leads to poetic, sensitive and expressive works of art.

    Wonderful things emerge from utopias when they are realized!

s ́ Sophal, Okabre & Redestrukt