Departure is a contemporary and ambiguous term. On the one hand, it refers to leaving the old and moving into the new, unknown, personally, spatially and geographically.

  • On the other hand, for example in hunting jargon, the evisceration of a hunted animal, the breaking up of the surfaces to penetrate into the interior of a body, the exposing of deeper layers. So departure means both, at the same time. Because the uncovering of previously hidden content corresponds to the possibility of new experiences and content. When we develop personally, the necessary process involves breaking up old behavioral patterns and structures and reconnecting what we found in the breaking up. These interactions, which are known to everyone, are the basis of these images, technically illustrated by corresponding ones

  • broken surface textures, rough structures and explosive dynamics, which, through cracks and jagged surfaces, can be reminiscent of erupting crater landscapes from which, instead of lava, the full, saturating power of colors emerges as forms of play of the new.

    Suddenly everything was arbitrary. Every moment was interchangeable and could be repeated countless times. The usual uniqueness of the life we ​​had experienced was over.

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