A sculptural examination of light and shadow, reflection and appearance, original and reproduction.

Starting from handmade soapstone sculptures, digital reproductions were created using 3D scans and 3D printing. These are not just a mere copy of the original. Although they are an exact copy in terms of form, they develop their own character and charm in their new materiality. They look like a digital shadow of the handmade unique piece.

Thanks to the viewer with a lamp, the sculpture “ the golden boi” shines out of the darkness. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it rises from the charred wooden base, reflecting and casting its shadows, which begin to dance on the walls due to the illumination and movement of the viewer in the room.

During this work, the approximately 14 cm large original was destroyed. The digital shadow lingered and grew. In its new dimension, the copy developed its own character and became an independent new being.

The second work “Three Sisters” also plays with light, shadow and reflection. On Golden Ground, the shadows of the originals now cast their own shadow. They correlate, communicate with each other and are reflected in the golden glow. Almost as if they were daring to dance.

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